The Now.

My senior capstone at SCAD. This visual poem takes the viewer through the mind of someone with anxiety, as they struggle to see the world beyond their own mind. A diffracted lens changes their perception, trapping them in an echo chamber of self reflecting thoughts and emotions. In order to shatter the lens and break the cycle of self consciousness, they must accept the present moment. 


Design & Animation: Gabe Crown

Sound Design: Gabe Crown

Written By: Gabe Crown

Software used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Maxon Cinema 4D



I utilized Mixamo's motion capture tools to bring my character to life with preset animations. This helped give naturalistic body language to much of the character animation you see in the piece.


My goal was to imbue the design with 2D illustrative elements, while maintaining a 3D space that the character and additional elements can interact with. I achieved this through use of grain, a limited color palette, and compositing within After Effects. I wanted to use these glass elements to create procedural fracture effects that also supported the design. By refracting both light and color, I could create interesting visual compositions that were unique to each shot.