Bomb Pop: Not One Thing

Myself and the creatives at Laundry TV produced a series of colorful animated spots for Bomb Pop's “Not One Thing” social media campaign. Geared toward a younger audience, the campaign features six different Gen Z TikTok personalities, whose identities are made up of various skillsets, interests, and experiences. Each talent was paired with a Bomb Pop flavor, and we crafted each of their worlds around the associated popsicle color. These spots illustrate said talents while mixing in 2D, 3D, and illustrated visual elements.


2D Design: Gabe Crown, Laundry TV

3D Design: Laundry TV

2D & 3D Animation: Gabe Crown, Laundry TV

Editing: Gabe Crown

Creative Direction: PJ Richardson and Patrick Scruggs

Production: Laundry TV

Software used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Maxon Cinema 4D



In addition to the TV hero spot, we were tasked with delivering over 50 total files, in various resizes for social media, as well as 6-second and 15-second cut-downs that highlight specific Bomb Pop flavors.